Everything we do is about improving business value

Value Drivers

However you define business value – extractable income, annual profits, market share, exit value… these 8 factors make the biggest difference to the number.

8 drivers of business value circle diagram

People Drivers

What drives all 8? People.

Our expertise is executed to audit and optimise the people aspects of these 8 areas.

Foxton Wren is a Professional Employer Organisation ‘PEO’ which means that we deal with all aspects that involve employees. As a PEO, we are able to employ a tailored and joined-up strategy that focuses upon building business value and maps the entire business.

The aspects we focus on and the tools we select are chosen to suit your business value  goals and to address the key areas where improvement would provide the most traction.

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The Discovery

The process begins with a Discovery, where our experts audit all people aspects of the business according to the commercial strategy and value sought.

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From there, we have the expertise, technology and software to address areas raised in the audit to fully optimise the people, and therefore business value.

8 drivers of business value diagram with icons