Driving Business Value


However you define business value, ‘people’ are the biggest drivers of it.

Your commercial goals might centre around market share… business sale value… exit value… market leadership… being the best… customer satisfaction… extractable profits and lifestyle.

Whichever it is, the people in your organisation need to be geared towards that commercial strategy. That might include head hunting, training, compliance measures, employee engagement, fractional HR staff at the top table translating commercial strategy into people strategy. It’s horses for courses, we design a package that is specific to your needs.

Here we list the typical outputs reported after a Foxton Wren project.

You can see how each of the outputs correlate with BUSINESS VALUE

The Benefits

Employee-board level link

Commercial objectives effectively translated through to each job function/employee

Accessed leading services and systems

Typically only available to FTSE 500

Became an employer of choice

Attracting and retaining better staff

Staff research and engagement

Via specialist third party software

Improved employee benefits

Time released for the executive team

Increased payroll efficiency with a reduced cost

Reduced employee turnover

Training and recruitment costs reduced

Reduced absenteeism

Increased employee productivity

Measurable improvement to customer satisfaction

Foxton Wren:
  • Reduced churn rate in their driver population from 57% to 35% over the past 6 months
  • Improved Employee Engagement score by 25% over the last 12 months
  • Gave senior management approximately 23 hours a week back to them
  • Provided integrated HR, Payroll and T&A platform which has improved compliance audit scores by 18% (HMRC, CQC etc)
  • Delivered an employment structure that protected them from a catastrophic business event

Logistics Firm, East Midlands

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